PRBYYOU #6 | PR Purpose Discovery (EBOOK)

AUD $30

PRBYYOU is an interactive DIY tools and templates PR system created by raraPR.

The PR Purpose Discovery Includes:

  • A PDF ebook
  • x10 Page strategy
  • raraPR’s PR Purpose Discovery (TM) process
  • Light on pages big on concept
  • Example of the PR Purpose Discovery outcome

NB: This is an introduction to the following step #12 PRBYYOU The PR Purpose Statement.

PRBYYOU #6 | The PR Purpose Discovery


  • PRBYYOU is your PR toolkit. This is PR in a Box. This is DIY PR. All the tools you need to run a slick PR function.
  • Sharing your story and building an enduring brand starts with you.
  • An interactive PR toolkit that helps you cut through a few decades of real life PR experience
  • Get access to the most recent and relevant PR strategies to help you grow your community, personal brand and business
  • Self paced tools for beginner and advanced PR pros that you can keep forever


  • An easy to follow mini ebook
  • x10 A4 page strategy that reveals raraPR’s PR Purpose Discovery (TM) Process
  • Includes industry backed guidance and rationale
  • Professionally designed strategy to help you get clear on the core message sitting beneath your business
  • A messaging discovery process that helps you to consider your differentiation
  • A mini ebook that takes you on the short but powerful journey towards unearthing your core purpose messaging

Why it was Created

  • To help you get clear on the process to finding the purpose messaging behind your business
  • To help you produce a consistent single core message – the key to building an enduring brand
  • This is an introduction and sets up the following product in the PRBYYOU series (#12 PR Purpose Statement)
  • The process to discovering clear and consistent core purpose messaging
  • To elevate and streamline your approach to PR and communications
  • To help you up-level your approach to PR, brand and social media strategy
  • To help bring about PR peace of mind


  • Instant access via a PDF download
  • A link to the product becomes available once purchased which is delivered to your email inbox

Product Synopsis

An easy to follow mini ebook read providing access to a powerful approach to amplifying your PR. A mini PDF ebook.