PRBYYOU #14 | Blog Content Strategy (EBOOK)

AUD $9

PRBYYOU is an interactive DIY tools and templates PR system created by raraPR.

The Blog Content Strategy Includes:

  • A PDF ebook of the product
  • x12 page digital book
  • x3 page article
  • x1 Content themes direction
  • This is a PDF download

PRBYYOU #14 | Blog Content Strategy (Ebook)


  • PRBYYOU is your PR toolkit. This is PR in a Box. This is DIY PR. All the tools you need to run a slick PR function.
  • Sharing your story and building an enduring brand starts with you.
  • An interactive PR toolkit that helps you cut through a few decades of real life PR experience
  • Get access to the most recent and relevant PR strategies to help you grow your community, personal brand and business
  • Self paced tools for beginner and advanced PR pros that you can keep forever


  • An ebook digital download
  • A mini x8 page ebook
  • An easy to follow read
  • x12 A4 page book
  • Includes industry backed guidance and rationale
  • Professionally designed ebook
  • Feature article and content strategy intel on how to optimise a blog content strategy
  • A content approach to help you build your brand

Why it was Created

  • To help you attract the people who need what you’ve got
  • To lead you towards writing and publishing thoughtful blog content
  • To support you with publishing content that organically improves your website’s search optimisation
  • To help you advance the content and storytelling happening around your brand
  • To help you take ownership of your narrative
  • To help you create a professionally executed blog content strategy
  • To diffuse overwhelm on what to post about next
  • To elevate and streamline your approach to PR and communications
  • To help you reduce overwhelm  regarding your blog content strategy
  • To help you up-level your approach to PR
  • To help bring about PR peace of mind


  • Instant access via a PDF download
  • A link to the product becomes available once purchased which is delivered to your email inbox

Product Synopsis

An easy to read mini ebook that can be read and re-read to help you advance your content strategy at your own pace. Because words and content help to cultivate the world you want to live in and the people you want to attract. It’s the value that you give through your blog that will reward your site with visibility.