Public Relations

We uplift brilliance and bring about PR peace of mind with sustaibable public relations strategies.

raraPR is a Melbourne-born, globally-based PR agency.
Our services help business owners, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by providing strategies that optimise their PR, digital marketing and brand impact. We are PR mentors, brand boosters and community creators. What we do goes far beyond the typical PR agency.

We are a public relations-led, full service communications agency – PR is our DNA. Through brand strategy, strategic insights and compelling content we ignite new and reinforce existing consumer awareness. We generate powerful stories that help connect businesses with the audiences that need to know them most. PR is what gets people talking in the media and on the street in ways that influence opinion and change behaviour. Strategic PR helps to define the brand messaging as well as build and manage reputation. Profound PR unearths access to audiences via the media and social media with sharing a message in the right way at the right time.

We support talent with brand strategy, media strategy, content strategy, social media management as well as brand alignments and corporate partnerships. Just in the same way we work with businesses, we work with individuals to strategically enhance their profiles and set clear pathways to maximise opportunities for brand-building and business growth. Our work includes career advice and strategy, contract negotiation, media training and interviews, publicity management and PR, product endorsement etc.

Events can be a powerful communication tool when it comes to marketing your brand. Events can bring your brand to life and connect it with We produce creative, end-to-end brand experiences, which include, ideation, art direction, event production, guest list management and media management. Our events include but are not limited to; seasonal product launches, influencer activations, range showings, media events, store launches, runway shows, retail installations, on-ground sponsorship activations and pop-up experiences.

Blogger outreach is a natural extension of the work that we do. We thrive on connecting like-minded brands and bloggers. We match brands with the right bloggers in the right way. Bloggers have great power when it comes to influencing the purchasing decisions of their readers – heck they’ve gone fInfluencer marketing is a natural extension of the work that we do and it’s one of the reasons why raraPR was created. We knew that influencers had great power when it came to informing and influencing the purchasing decisions of their communities and that’s still the true of today. We thrive on connecting like-minded brands with content creators producing meaningful content. We match brands with the right influencers in the right way.

Influencer placement can influence reader product trial, followed by purchase. It can fire conversations, create a movement, and unofficially recruit roving ambassadors as lifelong brand-fans. We work with some of the world’s best known Influencers as well as local and micro influencers to facilitate introductions that ignite conversations both online and offline.

It’s fair to say that at raraPR we are blog-trawling fanatics. And since we want to see the blogging community continue to grow its contribution to the The right communication can make or break a delicate situation and this is no more true than when changes happen or an issue is on the horizon. We provide issues management by implementing clear processes that intercept emerging issues before they become bigger problems. We mentor spokespeople with media training and put systems in place to respond quickly and effectively for critical situations. If a crisis emerges we provide support to help diffuse the situation and minimise adverse or negative media attention.

RaraPR can mentor and coach your in-house PR employee to upscale their skills or support them with strategic advice at any level and for all your PR needs. We can take the reigns or coach your PR consultant to get them up-We support individuals and businesses with unearthing and securing endorsement and sponsorship opportunities via our deep pool of corporate and creative contacts. We facilitate meaningful introductions for influencers and businesses and tool them up with the right communications material to assist them with collaborations, partnerships and sponsorships.

About raraPR

raraPR is an Australian public relations, digital marketing and branding agency. We are PR mentors, brand boosters and community creators for business owners, industry leaders and entrepreneurs. What we do goes far beyond the typical PR agency.

Our Ethos
We’re a passionate team who thrive on creating content that works. Or in other words, tasteful brand assets that build equity for a business.
We’re driven by the purpose, the meaning and the stories behind why a business exists as much as the quality of the product or service.
We’re inspired by being around the start-up community, entrepreneurs, intrepreneurs, solopreneurs, creators, makers, thought-leaders, dreamers and seekers willing to go beyond the good for the truly great.
The desire to help people take their business to the next level and reach their potential drives everything we do.
We get excited about producing innovative and thoughtful PR, digital, social media and design outcomes.
We’re at our natural best when we’re connecting talent and bringing communities together inside and outside the company.
We collaborate and become a seamless extension of our clients’ team.
We see, listen, mentor, educate, inspire, support, direct, provide clarity and instil confidence within our team andour community.
We care about providing value, which is the fundamental centrepiece of what we do.
We’re all about honesty and integrity, authenticity and transparency. That’s how we roll.