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Back in 2011 raraPR was born from a simple idea to create a PR agency for the digital world. And to provide a service that seamlessly supports businesses with everything that affects the success of their PR. From their product, packaging, pricing, branding, design, copywriting to their social media, digital marketing, point-of-sale and retail or online space – every touch-point, the entire brand experience.

At the time very few, if any PR agencies were embracing social media as a core PR tool or digital marketing as a necessity. We wanted to defy the norm. And we wanted to make PR a possible option for small business and entrepreneurs with coaching, workshops and flexible options focused on a transparent approach, visible results, and immediate impact.

“The opportunity was not just to build the perfect company for myself but a community for each other. I couldn’t see what I wanted so I created it. It wasn’t a choice. But not doing it wasn’t an option. raraPR is the PR agency I was searching for but couldn’t find.”

raraPR Founder Jade Roberts.

Jade Roberts,
our Founder and Creative Director

Jade Roberts, founder and creative director of raraPR brings more than two decades of industry experience as well as passion and enthusiasm to all things business growth through PR, branding and digital.

A published writer for both national magazines and retail brands, Jade has extensive agency and in-house experience, having worked as a publicist in commercial television and as a consultant in consumer public relations and brand positioning. Jade was also national PR manager for a stable of High Street to high-end fashion footwear brands as well as the iconic Australian brand, Sportsgirl.

raraPR was born from an insatiable need to create a work place that is centred around mentorship and valued contribution at every level.  Jade is at the forefront of consumer and new-media trends and together with her team they share the belief that content generation is shaping the future of PR and that public relations is not one-dimensional.