PRBYYOU #23 | The Content Creator Media Kits

AUD $250

PRBYYOU is an interactive DIY tools and templates PR system created by raraPR.

The Content Creator Media Kit(s) Includes:

  • Product Instructions PRBYYOU Companion
  • A mini Low Resolution PDF preview version of some of the media kit templates
  • A link to a fully interactive version accessed via Canva
  • x99 A4 Landscape pages professionally designed
  • Includes x36 uniquely different media kit templates each with their own branding design direction
  • Cover pages you can mix and match with media kits depending on your page layout preferences
  • Gallery page layouts so that you can drop in your own images
  • Guided place-holder copy to support you with where to write what
  • About Pages
  • Photo Gallery Pages
  • Social media stat placement direction
  • Main body copy placement and content direction
  • Options for various industry categories and personal brand styles

PRBYYOU #23 | The Content Creator Media Kits


  • PRBYYOU is your PR toolkit. This is PR in a Box. This is DIY PR. All the tools you need to run a slick PR function.
  • Sharing your story and building an enduring brand starts with you.
  • An interactive PR toolkit that helps you cut through a few decades of real life PR experience
  • Get access to the most recent and relevant PR strategies to help you grow your community, personal brand and business
  • Self paced tools for beginner and advanced PR pros that you can keep forever


  • Create, customise and share
  • An easy to follow digital plug and play Canva template
  • Just drop in your images and update the place-holder copy, drop in your logo, update the fonts and colours or go with the pre-selects
  • It’s here where you’ve found a professionally designed and industry backed media kit for you or your business.
  • Includes x36 uniquely different media kit templates each with their own branding design direction
  • Includes prompts to assist you with where to write and place what
  • Includes the raraPR’s tried and tested media kit and content creator kits for brand partnerships
  • Includes lots of page variations for different content creator categories

Why it was Created

  • A product that makes it easy for you to go PR pro and up-level your PR tools
  • Use the Content Creator Media Kits to elevate your media or brand partnership outreach (for you or your client if you’re running an agency)
  • A wonderful product perfect for influencers, digital creators, influencer management agencies, PR and creative agencies
  • Saves a heck tonne of  graphic design time and money and going down any garden paths when it comes to developing a media kit the right way, straight up
  • Mentorship to guide you on how to think like a PR pro when creating a media kit
  • To make PR accessible and advance your approach to PR
  • For B2b and B2c businesses
  • For product or services based businesses
  • For content creators or content marketers
  • For those looking to secure brand partnerships and media consideration


  • Instant access via Canva Free (Canva Pro not required)
  • A link to the product becomes available once purchased which is delivered to your email inbox

Product Synopsis

An easy to follow interactive digital PR template. This is 99 pages of professionally designed media kit options for content creators looking to PR their personal brand and align with brands or to pursue media coverage. Each media kit page has been designed with decades of industry experience with regard on where to place what to generate media and brand cut-through. There are industry expectations and style requirements a media kit needs to have, each variation of each page layout does all the PR thinking for you. Up-level your PR tools and systemise your approach. This is a product designed to save you from graphic design or Google misadventures on where to place what where.

Software Required To Access Product
You need to have a Canva account in order to access the customisable template products. You can sign-up to Canva FREE or pay for a Canva Pro account (highly recommend!) at Then just simply log into your account and click on the access product link in the PRBYYOU Product Instructions Companion. All purchases include a PDF version as well as a Canva access link for editing and interactive capabilities.