Business owners often find themselves at a crossroads when pondering where to point their marketing spend. In this article, we'll hop, step and jump into the critical aspects that business owners should consider when contemplating which yellow brick road to take when it comes to investing in the right foot forward for building brand and business.

Making Your Mark: The Power of PR Investment for Business Owners

In the fast-evolving, forever-changing kingdom of all things business, establishing a strong reputation and staying ahead of the competition is imperative for success. This is where the strategic power of public relations comes into play.

Entrepreneurs and business owners often find themselves at a crossroads when pondering the value of where to point their marketing spend. In this article, I’ll hop, step and jump into the critical aspects that business owners should consider when contemplating which yellow brick road to take when it comes to investing in the right foot forward for building brand and business.

Firstly, let’s be clear we’re all talking about the same thing. PR is tactic agnostic. Which means it can be anything and everything that helps to build reputation, awareness, impact, community and connection.

Hang on, what even is PR?
PR is getting what you’ve got to the hearts and minds of people who need it most. So make sure that you’ve re-imagined what you think PR is and you’re not stuck in the Samantha-syndrome perception of PR. Because what it’s not is posh parties, media relations and publicity alone. It’s also not the West Wing and 24/7 crisis and issues.

Depending on the ideal outcomes of the client, these tactics and services are still an important part of the PR mix but they’re not everything.  PR is far from being one-dimensional. In fact most of where we dedicate our PR efforts for businesses is via owned channels, not earned, third party endorsement. Social media is a tactic of PR for example. Just as influencer marketing, special events, and brand partnerships are too.  The options are limitless. But at the heart of PR is communication and community. And so, while the way we communicate changes so too does the ‘how’ of PR. 

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s get on with the power of PR investment to making your business matter.

Are PR Firms Worth the Investment?
One of the initial queries business owners grapple with is whether PR agencies are worth the investment. Here’s the thing. You either need to invest in PR in-house or with an agency. PR is happening with or without you wrangling it or not. Better to tame the beast and put your best foot forward in the right way at the right time with the right people.

If you don’t have capacity to on-board a senior to junior level PR team with qualification depth in-house, you’d be better placed to invest with an agency that give you access to a front-seat at what’s happening in and around all things PR and brand building at a senior level; a single full time salary may not.

It’s also important to note and as mentioned earlier; with the digital landscape evolving, PR now encompasses a spectrum of strategies, including social media services. PR firms not only secure media coverage but also foster brand credibility and trust via influencer partnerships, brandfluencing and content creation. Heck, yes it is worth the investment.

The Importance of a Strong PR Strategy
A solid public relations strategy is a cornerstone of successful businesses. It not only enhances brand visibility but also builds credibility and trust among target audiences. Investing in a well-crafted PR strategy is akin to fortifying the foundation of your business.

In-House PR Implementation vs. Outsourcing PR
Entrepreneurs often contemplate whether to invest in a PR strategy and then employ an in-house resource to implement it more affordably. While this approach may seem tempting, outsourcing PR offers distinct advantages. Expertise beyond boundaries, strategic connection and networks, adaptability and scalability and cost effective outcomes. The initial appeal of in-house PR might lie in the perception of cost savings. However, outsourcing your PR to experts often proves to be a more cost-effective choice in the long run. Think about it: recruiting, training, and retaining an in-house team can carry hidden expenses, not to mention the potential missed opportunities due to a learning curve. Outsourcing ensures you’re investing in results rather than the overhead.

The Wrap-Up

PR power fortifies brand, reputation and your businesses growth journey. Whether you’re mulling over PR agencies, marketing agencies, or whether to invest in straight social media services, here’s the scoop: a robust PR strategy is like the backbone of all communications – making sure everything you do lands right.

Picture this: a well-crafted PR strategy as the ultimate support system, not just for social media or marketing endeavours, but for your entire brand. It’s the secret sauce that propels your business forward, positioning it as a credible conversation starter and industry leader.

Investing in PR isn’t just about the ‘what,’ it’s about the ‘how’ and ‘why.’ It’s the investment that speaks volumes about your commitment to success. So whether you’re a start-up, an established brand, or somewhere in between, remember this – with the right PR strategy, your brand’s journey isn’t just secured; it’s destined for remarkable heights.

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