PRBYYOU #18 | The PR Strategy Template

AUD $140

PRBYYOU is an interactive DIY tools and templates PR system created by raraPR.

The PR Strategy Template Includes:

  • Product Instructions PRBYYOU Companion
  • PDF version as well as an interactive version accessed via Canva
  • x25 Page A4 professionally designed digital book
  • Part ebook, part interactive
  • The locked pages feature PR lessons
  • The template pages are interactive
  • Use the template pages to advance your approach to PR
  • PR Strategy Overview Template (so you know what to include in a PR strategy)
  • x10 Step Guided Media Strategy Facilitator
  • Pr strategy client facilitator pages
  • x25 Pages in full (education + interactive templates)
  • Tactics Facilitator Template
  • Activation Facilitator


PRBYYOU #18 | The PR Strategy Template


  • PRBYYOU is your PR toolkit. This is PR in a Box. This is DIY PR. All the tools you need to run a slick PR function.
  • Sharing your story and building an enduring brand starts with you.
  • An interactive PR toolkit that helps you cut through a few decades of real life PR experience
  • Get access to the most recent and relevant PR strategies to help you grow your community and business
  • Self paced tools for beginner and advanced PR pros that you can keep forever


  • An easy to follow digital Canva template
  • An interactive Canva template and workshop facilitator
  • Guides you on how to develop your very own Media Strategy (for you or your client)
  • Includes PR strategy templates to guide you on how to think like a PR pro when creating a PR strategy
  • Includes a guided facilitator to help you develop your PR strategy
  • Includes prompts to assist you with building out a strategy that considers your target audience, key messages, story angles, media targets, tactics and activations.
  • Includes the raraPR’s tried and tested PR strategy builder tools
  • Includes worksheet facilitators so that you can up-level your PR pro tools


  • Instant access via Canva Free (Canva Pro not required)
  • A link to the product becomes available once purchased which is delivered to your email inbox

Product Synopsis

A product to help you get clear on the best course of action to generate great PR, build your brand and community. An easy to follow interactive digital PR template. PR lessons and rationale. Backed by industry experience. Up-level your PR tools and systemise your customer journey. Tried and tested industry tools with guidance and mentorship to support you through the process of developing your very own media strategy.  A product that facilitates the tactics, activations and ideas that will help you reach your ideal PR outcomes.

Software Required To Access Product
You need to have a Canva account in order to access the customisable template products. You can sign-up to Canva FREE or pay for a Canva Pro account (highly recommend!) at Then just simply log into your account and click on the access product link in the PRBYYOU Product Instructions Companion. All purchases include a PDF version as well as a Canva access link for editing and interactive capabilities.