DIY PR It’s a thing, it’s a trend. Are you and your business on board?

For three notable reasons DIY PR is on the rise. Actually make that four. The fourth, how could I forget the fourth! That one is an important cornerstone to this trend moving on up in the world.

For three notable reasons DIY PR is on the rise. Actually make that four. The fourth, how could I forget the fourth! That one is an important cornerstone to this trend moving on up in the world.

One: PR wisdom has gone global

Businesses are realising that PR is happening with or without them and that it’s a forever function that runs alongside their business for as long as it’s operating. PR brings helps an ideal audience see the value in a business which builds community and raises brand equity, increasing that businesses chance of being considered. A few decades ago PR knowledge was held within PR circles reserved to the lucky few who stumbled upon it as a possible career and craft. The world has stepped up the PR culture ladder and businesses are now realising the extraordinary impact of PR on a business and to building a brand.

Two: Everyone is a media company

The industrial revolution has made way for the interest revolution and now anyone with a smartphone can build a company. Most people these days have business or side hustle. Huge organisations still have their place but it is small business and freelancers (not to mention influencers) that are driving much of the world’s content, media and economy. This means that everyone is now a media agency. Everyone is a content platform.  Everyone is active in PR practices. No longer is PR practice reserved for the PR pros alone. There’s absolutely incredible value in getting a professional to do it all for you, more efficiently and effectively but regardless of whether you have public relations manager or brand strategist in your title at work, if you’re producing content to build a business, you are doing PR things.

Three: PR needs to be sustainable

PR traditionally has been reserved for big business or for those who can afford the investment over a few years at the least. But business owners have learnt they need to invest resources towards PR in a sustainable way should they want to thrive and not just survive. A sustainable PR effort is one that leans into the evergreen opportunities of turning a business into an enduring brand over its lifetime.

Four: PR Practitioners are weary

Far too many PR practitioners are wearing battle scars from the dial up dial down nature of an industry that operates in a project to project capacity. The inherited pressure that PR consultants are put under in this environment and resulting stress make it one of the most stressful industries to work in (commonly nominated in the top 10 most stressful jobs to have). Along with that PR is a misunderstood craft that most business owners know they need but don’t know how it actually works (not sales or marketing or advertising and it’s not fast or accurately measurable). This leaves PR practitioners in a vulnerable state, continuously trying to prove worth for results, which are predominantly intangible and immeasurable and don’t have direct economic unit for unit financial milestones.

Many PR pros are jumping off the agency to agency treadmill or in-house, misunderstood and undervalued environment to teach folks to fish and better protect themselves in the process.

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raraPR is an Australian public relations, digital marketing and branding agency. We are PR mentors, brand boosters and community creators for business owners, industry leaders and entrepreneurs. What we do goes far beyond the typical PR agency.

Our Ethos
We’re a passionate team who thrive on creating content that works. Or in other words, tasteful brand assets that build equity for a business.
We’re driven by the purpose, the meaning and the stories behind why a business exists as much as the quality of the product or service.
We’re inspired by being around the start-up community, entrepreneurs, intrepreneurs, solopreneurs, creators, makers, thought-leaders, dreamers and seekers willing to go beyond the good for the truly great.
The desire to help people take their business to the next level and reach their potential drives everything we do.
We get excited about producing innovative and thoughtful PR, digital, social media and design outcomes.
We’re at our natural best when we’re connecting talent and bringing communities together inside and outside the company.
We collaborate and become a seamless extension of our clients’ team.
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We care about providing value, which is the fundamental centrepiece of what we do.
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