PRBYYOU | The Perfect Media Pitch Formula

In the competitive world of PR be sure to take the time to answer these questions first and before you go into media pitching mode.
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In the competitive world of PR be sure to take the time to answer these questions first and before you go into media pitching mode.

Good PR is about being thoughtful, considered and strategic. Racing into a pitch can be the death knell of whether media will respond to you then and in the future. So it’s important to get it right from the outset.

Be sure to fully explore the questions below so that you can pitch with purpose and give your story or editorial idea the best chance of being considered by media.

01: What are the core brand values of the business that you’re you’re pitching for?

The values allow you filter all communication through the lens of values and ensure that they align with the publication and audience you’re pitching to.

02: What is the purpose of the business, and why does it exist?

This helps establish the greater cause, contribution and impact it has on the community beyond making sales, profit and keeping stakeholders happy.

03: What is the unique value that your business provides?

Great stories are not about being the best. They’re about being different. Exploring uniqueness and differentiation is important when pitching.

04: What problem does it solve?

By considering this and taking time to answer it it’ll help keep your pitch centred in giving and not taking. Media want to know what value you can bring them and their audience. A great pitch is about giving not taking.

05: Who would it benefit most?

This is about making sure you’re reaching out to the correct media. After all media are the gatekeepers to your ideal audience.

06: What are your story angles?

Think about at least three varying ways your story could potentially be placed – is there a human interest angle? A trend angle? An industry angle?

07: Why should anyone care?

What have you got that they want?

08: What trend insights do you have, any facts, figures, science-based insights, expert knowledge, special events?

Then once you’ve got clarity and done the leg-work on the above you’re ready to reach out to key media. And here’s how to craft the perfect pitch:

The perfect pitch

  • Introduce yourself and what it is that you do (with consideration to your values and why you/your business exists).
  • Include the details of your product or service with consideration to what makes it unique and special. (how it brings value)
  • How will your product or service change someone’s life/or why is it relevant to that publication and the reader.
  • Address in what way it is newsy, topical and worthy of consideration for potential editorial – look to the angles, the facts, the trends, the consumer insights as well as to the past stories and placement relevant to that publication.
  • Ask for your story idea, news or editorial opportunity to kindly be considered for potential placement. Again it must be a pitch of value/ask and centred in what you can give, not get.

Always remember that PR success always comes from clear and considered messaging that is centred on value.

Finding that value comes from knowing the passion and key causes, motivations and beliefs behind the business as well as the unique value and who would benefit from it most (the target audience).

As well as this, knowing the who, what, when, where, how and why of the environment you’re pitching in sets you up with the possibility of being remembered in a competitive, fast moving, media landscape and ultimately sparking conversions that allow for you and your story to be considered in its best light.

These PR fundamentals help you to perfect your pitch and move towards having your story idea placed, securing important third-party endorsement, increased brand awareness and taking you closer to the people who need what you’ve got most.

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