What key messages do is anchor all communications content; making it easier for your ideal customer to remember and repeat.

Having key messages for your business as well as the various projects, products or services within your business help to clarify exactly what you’re trying to say at the most primitive and core level.

Developing key messages is PR 101. What key messages do is anchor all communications content; making it easier for your ideal customer to remember and repeat.

Key messages are one of the first things PR Pros do when developing a PR strategy for a business. 

Key messages are important because they serve as the foundation of an all branding and marketing efforts and should be reflected in all written and spoken communications.

When you have key messages this is what happens:

  • You can communicate with clarity.
  • You can more easily find the right customers to join your brand.
  • You create repeatable stories around your business with more ease
  • You can direct the communications traffic more easily
  • You build strong internal communications because everyone is on the same page

When you don’t have key messages this is what happens:

  • Communication is inconsistent across the business
  • Customers are left to make up their own minds about what you’re trying to say
  • Your messaging impact is diffused and word-of-mouth and brand awareness impact is left on the table
  • It doesn’t reinforce to anyone what you want to be known for
  • Staff aren’t clear about the cause they’re working towards

Key messages are the core messages you want your ideal customer to hear and remember. They create meaning and headline the themes you want filtering through your content. They allow you to control communications, enhance relationships with your target audiences and are an important feature to any PR campaign.

To ensure you get your point across at every opportunity, every touch point where appropriate it is essential to establish your key messages before any communication with the media and your target audience.

Words by Jade Roberts
raraPR Founder and Creative Director

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