PR LESSON: PR gives you permission to be more of yourself.

If media wrote about you exactly the way you want to be written about, what would they say?

If someone gave you permission to show up on social and across your online real estate EXACTLY the way you are beneath it all, who would you be?!

If media wrote about you exactly the way you want to be written about, what would they say?

You have permission.

PR gives you permission to be more of yourself.

To PR something well, you’ve gotta get insanely clear on the ‘different.’

The parts that no one else has is the unicorn dust of PR.

Great PR is not about sameness.

You’ve gotta shake off the school-yard mentality of fitting in that even as half or proper grown ups we all try and do.

How is what you do different?
How is your process different?
How is what you make, create or sell different?
How is your target audience different?

The answer to these is usually, ‘not very.’

Usually, business owners think that the thing they do and sell is quite different; when it’s not.

The thing that is most different, and not replicatable is YOU.

The human stories in and around your business.
This is your different.

Let PR give you the permission you’ve been waiting for, to show up as more of yourself.

The PRBYYOU DIY PR products that help you to get clear on your messaging, take ownership of your narrative and build your brand story are the following bundle of products:

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PYBYYOU #6: The PR Purpose Discovery
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About raraPR

raraPR is an Australian public relations, digital marketing and branding agency. We are PR mentors, brand boosters and community creators for business owners, industry leaders and entrepreneurs. What we do goes far beyond the typical PR agency.

Our Ethos
We’re a passionate team who thrive on creating content that works. Or in other words, tasteful brand assets that build equity for a business.
We’re driven by the purpose, the meaning and the stories behind why a business exists as much as the quality of the product or service.
We’re inspired by being around the start-up community, entrepreneurs, intrepreneurs, solopreneurs, creators, makers, thought-leaders, dreamers and seekers willing to go beyond the good for the truly great.
The desire to help people take their business to the next level and reach their potential drives everything we do.
We get excited about producing innovative and thoughtful PR, digital, social media and design outcomes.
We’re at our natural best when we’re connecting talent and bringing communities together inside and outside the company.
We collaborate and become a seamless extension of our clients’ team.
We see, listen, mentor, educate, inspire, support, direct, provide clarity and instil confidence within our team andour community.
We care about providing value, which is the fundamental centrepiece of what we do.
We’re all about honesty and integrity, authenticity and transparency. That’s how we roll.