Many of the small business clients (and sometimes even the large ones who are yet to experience PR) come to us knowing that they need a public relations agency. However they have not a crumb of an idea of what it is. And they’re not sure why they need it. And sometimes (often) they’re not even sure what outcomes they’re hoping for.

That’s a very strange scenario don’t you think? Let’s be honest, the concept of PR is a mystical behemoth. And it’s not the most affordable (however incredibly worthwhile) service going around. So handing over a budget for a service you don’t exactly know much about or what it can do to help your business in my opinion is equal parts crazy as it is courageous.

It’s not as simple as paying for some electrical work. Where after several hours you are appreciating stunning light fittings and thoughtfully placed light in your newly renovated home. You book it in, you pay for it, you see it, you love it, done.

PR is not a tangible product or service that can be handed over and then you see, feel and touch with your very own eyes. Also, PR is a job that is never truly finished. For as long as a business exists they will need to either manage or outsource their PR (or it will manage you!).

So as a bit of a community service whether you’re a solo agent with a start-up or on path to conquer the world in a multi national, here is a list of ways that PR adds value to your business.

PR Helps Communicate the Benefits of Your Business
Like many people in business, they’re good at doing the work, but not great at talking the talk. They either don’t have time to do both. Or they don’t know how. Or they do it but do it poorly. PR helps you to get clear on why your brand exists. What your key messages are and how to communicate them in a meaningful way.

PR Personalises Your Brand
I’m guessing there’s a tonne of people selling the same or similar thing you are in the same category of business as you. PR helps to personalise your brand. It helps you to find your unique brand position and establish what sets you apart from your competitors. There is no one more ‘you-er than you’ and your business, however communicating that point-of-difference is quite the art.

PR Raises Your Profile
In PR we help businesses find the folk that should know about them. We generate publicity where credibility is due and share your story be it through media, social media, print, radio, tv or through your own channels, ultimately raising your profile.

PR Increases Visibility for Your Products or Service
Creating a great product or service is one thing. Making sure it’s seen and then found is another. PR helps your product, place or thing be seen in the right way, at the right time, with the right people.

PR Builds Good Relationships
In PR, we have this skill where we can understand what you’re trying to say and then say it for you in a way that helps to foster good relationships. PR is not just about generating publicity. PR is about communication that fosters a good experience, great memories, loyalty and unearths communities.

PR Manages Your Reputation
Let’s face it. Issues happen. Sometimes your business might have move to make that is polarising. Or perhaps your business has made a mistake, or there is a crisis that has unfolded where your reputation is at stake. PR helps to minimise potential damage to a brand at such a time. We help prepare people to be spokespeople, guide them on how best to communicate what they want to say to support them with managing and maintaining a good reputation.

PR Supports Your Sales Strategy
PR creates greater awareness which increases sales. However PR alone is not responsible for generating sales. PR is more about managing perception, reputation, brand position, and communicating clearly. These together help optimise sales. How that product functions, appears, its availability and the environment in which it is sold are all elements outside of PR that equally effect sales.

PR Adds Value To Your Customers
It is no longer good enough to just have a great product or service. When it comes to buying, consumers expect a great experience. PR can help with this by coming up with way that integrate your customers with your brand in ways that create memorable moments for your community.

PR Raises Morale And Improves Culture
PR helps your business be known for the great things they do. There’s nothing better for staff morale to be acknowledged for the hard work, dedication and effort they put in. PR builds credibility and unifies messaging which in turn brings people and teams together.

PR Drives Demand
Via earned media placement PR helps to provide depth to educating a businesses key differentiators in a compelling and credible way. In turn, that drives demand.

By Jade Roberts
raraPR Founder and Director.

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