5 Tips for Creating Powerful Key Messages

This is how you develop key messages that are meaningful, unique, interesting and that will appeal to the media and your target audience.

This is how you develop key messages that are meaningful, unique, interesting and that will appeal to the media and your target audience.

Key messages are important and do a lot of grunt work when it comes to building a brand. They help customers become who they want to be by finding you.

It’s therefore important to have a PR mindset in today’s business world and it’s important to develop a clear key messaging strategy internally and externally to your business. This optimises communication impact as well as builds morale internally and a community externally.

A PR Pro will develop key messages quite instinctively. We scout for the facts that are most important, unique, interesting and that will appeal to the media and target audience.

For those going down the DIY PR path or who are looking to up-skill their approach here are some prompts to consider when you’re writing your key messages.

Targeted Messaging
Consider the target audience for the business as well as for the products and services within the business; there can be segmented-audiences for various projects. Consider what the target audiences need and want to hear from you? Or what do you most want them to know about what you’re doing/creating/building. Make sure that you create targeted messages to each individual group. This might also include internal messaging and external messaging.

Keep it to the Facts
Make sure your core messages are based on fact and supported by evidence.

Make the Language Clear
To avoid anything being misinterpreted your key messages should be short and specific with easy to understand language. They also need to be professional – key messages are not the time to be flowery. Keep it simple. Also consider the relevant tone-of-voice

Keep it Value-Based
Make sure your messaging is centred on being value-based, informative and represents your agenda appropriately. They should also be up-lifting, positive and where possible intriguing to the target audience to provoke further investigation.

Keep them Consistent
While key messages are not static and will evolve the tone-of-voice, writing style and brand position should remain consistent across all key messaging.

Review, Refine, Repeat.
Key messages can evolve just as your business does. It’s important to review, refine and refresh over time to ensure they’re on-point and remain in line with the business as pursues new projects and campaigns and as it matures.

If you can write key messages that are relevant, positive, clear and consistent it helps you to cut through the clutter and become more easily known for that thing you do. Clear messaging helps your ideal target audience see you more clearly, find you and join your brand. When your key messaging is clear, concise, honest and positive it puts you in control of the information that is surrounding your business which allows you to reach and connect with your audience in the most effective and meaningful way.

Words by Jade Roberts
raraPR Founder and Director

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