The Other C-Words: Need a Covid Content Breather?

Before a month ago we’d hardly heard the word coronavirus let alone speak it. And now its acronym COVID19 is a part of our global vernacular. How quickly a word can take flight.

While its important conversation and relevant for our clients and for us all right now; here’s a little bookend of C-words that bring a lot more joy and will help you to rest, rejuvenate and edit the C-words in your life right now.

Usually when we think of the word creativity we think of independent innovators in fashion, art, music and film; the creators and makers and their originally produced bodies of work. But we are all creative beings. Especially right now with our new world order, our redistributed routines and liberties completely re-framed; there is no way we can’t be creative. It is a time where we’re seeing how the need to be socially connected while being ‘distantly connected’ unearths our collective imaginations to be inventive and to fulfill us creatively.

There’s nothing more nourishing for the human spirit and for psychological wellbeing than to contribute to someone else’s life in a positive way. Now’s the perfect time.

Content (the happy one)
It might be hard to be generally happy right now but you can remain hopeful and have many micro moments of happiness, contentment and satisfaction. The easiest way to bring about this is by retaining a routine and task-oriented day. This could include cardio or it could be craft.

We hope that the open mindedness for a flexible working model and the family first culture that it unearths will endure for a long, long time. This is quite simply good work culture and may it reign supreme.

While we are experiencing a mass collective vulnerability we are still able to build confidence in times of uncertainty by making progress towards something that is meaningful and that matters to you personally. Now’s the time to do that thing you’ve always wanted to do or have been putting off. From your home of course.
This is a strange concept when our basic liberties have been taken from us in the interest of community safety. But stick with me. There is something incredibly liberating about obligatory kids’ parties, kids sporting activities’, socialising expectations, face-to-face business meetings as well as extended family commitments all being eliminated. Gone, zilch, zippo. Shouldn’t we always feel ok about going slow and being utterly introverted if that is what we need most? I will forever from here set more boundaries on what I actually want to do which is mostly quiet, yet productive time with family and working on my business, very close to home.

Now more than ever we are craving community and connection. Yet so many of us are stuck at home self-isolating or in quarantine as we do our best to keep our community and country safe. When you’re craving human connection during self-isolation reach out to your virtual communities.

Very importantly, this moment in time is showing us that as a species we are all vulnerable and connected. And from a psychological level; there’ll be a different perspective on recognising the importance of global social connection and a deeper level of care collectively and the value that can be derived from cross cultural human connection.

Through this time we’re seeing businesses come together who would normally compete to share resources to get through. This is collaboration at its best.

There is a powerful correlation between good wellbeing and the quality of the communication in your relationships. Beat social isolation and physical isolation with by staying in touch regularly with your closest friends virtually and distantly.

Through online video conferencing we’re seeing virtual windows into how people live behind the suit that normally shields them and we’re reframing the narrative of how people work and live. Pets, children, spouses and interior choices; this is all captivating if you ask me.

It’s no doubt that the past two weeks have been an extremely unsettling time for us all; but amongst the carnage there is comfort. Comfort in a friend. Comfort on the couch. Comfort in the knowing that this too shall pass.

This is such a uniquely protected time to be crafty. Whatever your craft. For me it’s writing. I can’t stop. For my friend it’s ceramic making. For my mum it’s beading, card-making and dressmaking. Craft is tonic for the soul and art will always survive. Whatever your gift is, and however small it is, keep doing it.

When change is forced upon us we are forced to be more innovative. This is a good thing. From change comes innovation.

The sentiment behind what builds a work culture with good leadership is care. A manager that cares about you. A manager that is interested in your professional career and personal development. A manager that has authentic conversations; these all build a good work culture where people feel energised to do their best work and remain loyal; even in tough times.

Wishing you and your business good health, peace of mind and excellent PR support.
Words by Jade Roberts
raraPR Founder and Creative Director
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