PR Pro Personality Traits and Horoscope Predictions For 2021.

We interrupt our usual content approach for what feels like one long Sunday.

We interrupt our usual content approach for what feels like one long Sunday between Christmas and whenever the media/and clients get back to their desks, for something rather important/fun.

A PR trait is that we have to become quasi experts in whatever we’re PRing. Today we put our PR skills to astrology and reveal the planetary influences for the PR year of 2021. HNY lovers!!

Looking forward to being back on the grid to bring you more PR insights, tried and tested industry tips to help you grow your business or better manage your clients.

Aries Mar 20 – Apr 19

Theme for This Year: Achieving greatness.
2021 Prediction: Selected to be an industry talking head, panellist or give a keynote. Your social circle expands significantly.
PR Personality: The leader.
Perfect Client: As connected as you are.
Perfect Project: Iconic brands or events where you’ll be seen being seen.
Best Office Companion: Listens to your insights and lessons.
Email Signature: I’m in the middle of some busy and important action.
Media Release: This is How to Influence the Influencers.
Last Googled: How to buy that thing and stay within budget.
Deadliest PR Trait: Artfully generates publicity for clients, friends, friends-of-friends and oneself.

Taurus Apr 20 – May 20

Theme for This Year: Rock solid with a surprise.
2021 Prediction: After years of quietly digging away you receive some much-deserved recognition from someone of note. Expect the unexpected.
PR Personality: The wise old soul who takes it all in and is listened to when they eventually decide to speak.
Perfect Client: Someone with tonnes of lead-time.
Perfect Project: End-to-end from the comfort of your own desk.
Best Office Companion: Someone who knows the trendy places to so you can tag along.
Email Signature: Available for Zooms only.
Media Release: Slow PR is the best PR.
Last Googled: Can you coordinate a large-scale event from home?
Deadliest PR Trait: Steady, calm and does things properly.

Gemini May 21 – Jun 20

Theme For This Year: Poetry in motion.
2021 Prediction: The year you write your e-book, novel or launch your blog or podcast.
PR Personality: Manages PR client parties for eight days straight. Then hibernates for eight months.
Perfect Client: Super kind and thoughtful and tells you and everyone you know how insightful you are.
Perfect Project: Lots of creative writing.
Best Office Companion: A bloody good playlist.
Email Signature: I’m either on the phone or I’m writing a book >> Links to my latest LinkedIn articles.
Media Release: Expert tips to Manage Diplomacy and Directedness when Dealing with Difficult Clients.
Last Googled: The celebrity match ups of the year. Followed by highly intellectual, expert articles with industry insights.
Deadliest PR Trait: An absolute weapon on words and written communication.

Cancer Jun 21 – Jul 22

Theme for this year: Diligent and determined.
2021 Prediction: A wonderful responsibility comes your way that allows you to support and foster an incredible team.
PR Personality: Keeps everyone together and the all ‘round PR tech geek.
Perfect Client: Clients who give you freedom to get on with the job.
Perfect Project: Save the planet, cause PR.
Best Office Companion: A daily 15 min meditation.
Email Signature: Be kind.
Media Release: Industry leader on inspiring a team and building world-class culture.
Last Googled: Best apps for Instagram videos.
Deadliest PR Trait: Can set up the workshop presentation AV while chatting and holding the room.

Leo July 23 – Aug 22

Theme for this year: Step into your power.
2021 Prediction: You can look forward to a promotion or a notable hot-shoe-shuffle upwards. This is the beginning of a new career era.
PR Personality: The roving fan club! Endorses friends, family, clients and takes on a natural walking billboard role everywhere they go.
Perfect client for you: Passionate and incredibly brilliant.
Perfect project for you: This PR story is front and centre, your job is simply to share it.
Best office companion: High energy, intelligent and enthusiastic.
Email Signature: Ready for action, bring it on.
Media Release: FaceTime Lighting Tools Changing the World.
Last Googled: Pocket glitter, shop.
Deadliest PR Trait: Intelligence, trend insights and the ability to seek and find relevant facts and figures.

Virgo Aug 23 – Sep 22

Theme for this year: Recharge and Resume.
2021 Prediction: Expect dreams to be realised from all your heart and hustle – your hard work will pay off this year.
PR Personality: You keep things on time and on budget. You are a walking spread-sheet, media report, and could double as an operations manager.
Perfect client: One that is conservative and realistic.
Perfect project: One that requires a run sheet down to the second.
Best office companion: A visit from the newest media monitoring sales rep.
Email Signature: I will be available and checking email 24/7.
Media Release: This is How to Measure PR for Real This Time.
Last Googled: Is it polite to correct someone for saying ‘brought’ instead of ‘bought’?
Deadliest PR Trait: Mega smart and incredible attention to detail.

Libra Sep 23 – Oct 22

Theme for this year: Put your physical and emotional health on the agenda.
2021 Prediction: Some slight tweaks to your daily routine brings about longed for career vitality.
PR Personality: Cool, calm, collected and confident.
Perfect Client: Design driven clients that sometimes give you gifts.
Perfect Project: One that puts you and your clients front and centre.
Best Office Companion: The one that lets you play guitar whenever you feel like it.
Email Signature: I’m running a trade show tour, BRB.
Media Release: Expert Insights on Keeping up Appearances while GSD.
Last Googled: Office interior inspiration.
Deadliest PR Trait: Collaborative and connected, community creator.

Scorpio Oct 23 – Nov 21

Theme for this year: Ain’t nothing going to stop you now.
2021 Prediction: Your secret project comes to life.
PR Personality: Passionate and assertive. Quick witted and intelligent. Will dig deep to scout for stories and hard facts.
Perfect Client: One that’s on the same wave-length, period.
Perfect Project: One that requires your profound insights and intelligence.
Best office companion: Someone who doesn’t distract you. Who also doubles as a friend when it’s lunch-time.
Email Signature: Privacy terms and conditions.
Media Release: Introducing a PR Project that Looks Good and Does Good.
Last Googled: How do you delete Google search history?
Deadliest PR Trait: Resourcefulness.

Sagittarius Nov 22 – Dec 21

Theme for this year: A new PR place or project to call home.
2021 Prediction: A substantial new client, project or tenure comes along that brings about new horizons and changes your world for the good.
PR Personality: The organiser. Head of all social group committees.
Puts everyone in the room at ease. With a touch of Sergeant Peppers about them the Sag’ is an absolute warrior in the boardroom and should not be crossed.
Perfect Client: Down to earth, no airs or graces.
Perfect Project: One that taps into your incredible versatility.
Best office companion: Someone chatty, friendly, warm and thoughtful.
Email Signature: I’m on an outdoors sabbatical.
Media Release: This is how PR and creativity go hand-in-hand.
Last Googled: How to stop promising more than I can deliver?
Deadliest PR Trait: Puts everyone in the room at ease. With a touch of Sergeant Peppers about them the Sag’ is an absolute warrior in the boardroom and should not be crossed.

Capricorn Dec 22 – Jan 19

Theme for this year: Stay grounded
2021 Prediction: The projects you seeded last year finally come to life.
PR Personality: Hardworking, loyal, dedicated and self-disciplined.
Perfect Client for You: One that doesn’t try bossing you about.
Perfect Project for You: Complete autonomy.
Best Office Companion: A high quality fit-out.
Email Signature: Apologies for the delay, I’m doing a million things at once.
Media Release: The Art of the RBF While Doing a High-Brow Piece-to-Camera.
Last Googled: A home-office string system that looks good.
Deadliest PR Trait: A tenacious multi-tasker.

Aquarius: Jan 20 – Feb 18

Theme for This Year: All or nothing
2021 Prediction: Old projects holding you back will come to an end and new ventures will begin. Plenty of hard work and expertise will be required but will pay off.
PR Personality: Thinkers, friendly, intellectual, communicative and analytical.
Perfect Client: Those changing the world.
Perfect Project: Promoting a good cause.
Best Office Companion: Someone who can have philosophical discussions.
Email Signature: I am sleeping in to read a novel. Office hours from 11am. 
Media Release: How to Stand out While Fitting In.
Last Googled: Best escapes and solo trips.
Deadliest PR Trait: Super smart, positive and encouraging.

By Jade Roberts.
raraPR Founder, Creative Director

Jade Roberts is the founder and creative director of raraPR, a boutique creative PR agency based in Melbourne, Australia. Jade is dedicated to changing the discourse around what PR is, how it works and educates and implements sustainable PR strategies for businesses doing good in a kind PR environment centred on mentorship. Jade is a published writer for both national magazines and retail brands and has extensive agency and in-house consumer-led PR and brand strategy experience across two decades.

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