Is now a good time to PR my business?

There’s no doubt now is a fast evolving situation and sensitive time for businesses. Many operationally have come to a grinding halt and those that were on the edge wont survive. For others; they’ve had to be turned upside with quick-thinking, tech-supported working from home set-ups with kids on-board.

While it’s important to remain upbeat and look for the innovation opportunities while powering towards a brighter future; it’s likely we’re heading into a recession.

So with uncertainty at our very feet and an unknown economic future what does this mean for your PR, marketing resources and investment?

Is now a good time to PR my business?
What’s the best way to promote in a crisis, if at all?
Is now a good time to invest in PR?
Should I promote my business in downturn?

While the COVID-19 pandemic is complex and a collective first for human existence and businesses globally, the answers to these questions are quite simple. Not easy to execute but simple to answer.

Firstly, understand that PR is a forever function happening in your business with or without you. Or in other words, PR is a marketing tactic that your audience will manage for you if you don’t.

Every decision made about you and your business happens in a room you’re not in. PR helps to educate your target audience in a thoughtful, compelling and memorable way that ignites or reinforces behavior when a decision of try or buy is upon them.

PR helps to build brand recognition and in times of uncertainty consumers look for brands they know and trust.

And so it is always a good time to PR.

PR is messaging, communication, having a chat with your team, your community internal and external to your business. It is always a time to talk. Especially in a crisis. Especially in a crisis. But how you say, what you say and where you say it; will all change.

Is now a good time to PR my business?

Consumers are drawn to brands with reassuring messaging which in turn sparks an emotional connection. So if you’re providing a product or service of value and you’re promoting with a considerate message, which is value-based, then yes. It is always a good time to PR your business. Now is the perfect time to remind consumers why your brand matters, what problem it solves and how it can serve them.

What’s the best way to promote in a crisis, if at all?

The best way to promote in a crisis is to tailor your tactics. For example spend less time on your digital ads and more time on creating engaging organic content on your social platforms. In a time of crisis people are seeking communities they feel safe with and can trust. Shared experiences are important now more than ever. Brands can deliver on providing these virtual spaces to congregate by harnessing their captured audiences with great content.

Messaging needs to be realigned for what’s happening in the world right now. And it’s time to take stock and pivot on products or services that don’t serve your target audience at this time. The best way to promote in a crisis is to reassess the environment and PR with consideration to your customer priorities.

Is now a good time to invest in PR?

You may need to reallocate funds. You may need to shift your target audience messaging to reach the middle or lower end of your consumer income spectrum. Either way PR investment now and always needs to be affordable and sustainable. The investment level is different for every business. If this means reducing your investment to ensure it remains activated then this is a better approach than not at all. PR is foundation building and future proofing for businesses. It’s best to allocate for the long-term as always. If you simply can’t outsource your PR at this time stay tuned for my next blog (how to manage your own PR).

There is no better example to give than now regarding the importance of investing in PR to build your business and create a brand. In times of uncertainly consumers turn to brands they know and trust. They redefine what value means to them, they reassess their priorities and they minimise risk by shopping with those they know will deliver.

If the foundations of messaging through the shared experience of stories and content consumption are not there or haven’t been placed consistently, it is difficult for businesses to be a priority choice for consumers in downturn. This is why investing in PR matters. PR positions you for growth, PR positions you for recovery, PR will help you to out-perform your competitors.

Stay safe, stay connected.

Words by Jade Roberts
, raraPR Founder and Creative Director

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