Today, we're spilling the beans on five tried-and-true techniques to ramp up the hype around your business. You know, the kind of attention that can turn heads, boost your reputation, and make your business the talk of the town. Let's dive in!


One of the most common questions we get asked is “How do I create media stories and publicity for my business?”

This is a true skill of the PR Pro. It’s one of the first things we’re trained to do when we hit PR agency life straight out of uni –  publicity generation is how we build our PR muscles, the first thing.

While there are many strategic communications things we do in the PR tool bag one of the things we do a lot is to seek and build stories that will drive publicity for a business.

Publicity is a proactive and strategic part of a PR Plan and an incredibly effective tactic businesses can pursue to build their awareness, visibility, reputation and credibility.

But if you’re going down the DIY PR path and having a crack at doing the publicity thing yourself then understanding how to build a story and diversify media coverage for your business is important.

The truth is there’s no exact science that will position your brand for media take-up. However there is some tried and tested, real-PR-life intel that you can tap into to position your business better for securing media interest and ultimately securing coverage.

Here are 5 Effective Ways to Generate Publicity for Your Business

Hey there, fellow business owners and PR enthusiasts! We’ve all been there – that burning question of how to score those media stories and boost the spotlight on our beloved businesses. It’s like a secret art form, the skill of PR pros. So let’s flex those publicity-generating muscles together.

Today, we’re spilling the beans on five tried-and-true techniques to ramp up the hype around your business. You know, the kind of attention that can turn heads, boost your reputation, and make your business the talk of the town. Let’s dive in!

1. Research: Know Your Audience and Media Landscape

Picture this: you’re a knight, and your trusty sword is research. Yep, it’s that crucial. Before you start wielding your PR magic, get cozy with your target audience and the media outlets you’re eyeing. Your pitch should feel like a snug fit, not a random shout into the void. Make sure the publications you’re reaching out to are a match made in PR heaven for your story.

2. Nail That Pitch

Think of your pitch as a delicious appetizer – it needs to be short, savory, and leave them wanting more. A captivating subject line is your golden ticket. Keep your email short and snappy, around 3-4 paragraphs. Be genuine, not salesy. Show them the value you’re bringing to the table. What’s in it for their readers? Sprinkle in some trend insights, sprinkle some compelling stats. Oh, and don’t forget that call-to-action. Politely nudge them to get back to you.

3. Back It Up with a Stellar Media Release

Imagine your pitch is a rocket, and your media release is the fuel that propels it. Craft a killer media release that expands on your pitch, giving juicy details and context. This is your chance to showcase your story’s full potential. Make it polished, informative, and concise. If your pitch grabs their attention, your media release seals the deal.

4. The Power of Relationships

Ah, relationships – the secret sauce to successful PR. Engage with journalists and editors beyond just your pitch. Attend networking events, interact on social media, and build genuine connections. Remember, these are real people behind those email addresses. Nurture these relationships, and you’ll find that doors open more readily in the future.

5. Be Valuable, Be Memorable

Think about it: what’s more enticing, a long, droning lecture or a quick, insightful TED Talk? Yup, brevity is your friend. When you’re shaping your pitch or media release, focus on delivering value efficiently. How does your story improve your audience’s lives? Why should they care? Keep it punchy, relevant, and engaging.

So, my dear PR adventurers, remember this: at the heart of great PR lies understanding the value you bring to the table. Your business has the potential to make lives better – now go out there and let the world know!

And that’s a wrap! Five potent techniques to sprinkle some stardust on your business and light up the PR sky. Ready to make some waves? Chop, chop. If you need support with managing your own PR or outsourcing it, be sure to reach out.

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