About raraPR

raraPR is above all the sum of people who together help build brands and share stories. We are present in our determination to make a positive difference to the world by representing individuals and businesses that are doing good. We are an extension of the personal stories within us, those that we exist for and those within you that need to be heard. Progressive, dedicated, creative and flexible.

Our Vision

The thing is; PR is an infinite function for as long as a business is operating. But traditionally out-sourced PR is not sustainable. We’re working hard to change this. Our vision is simple really – sustainable and accessible, world-class PR for all businesses at any stage of their journey.

AND brought to you by a team who loves going to work. Because wellbeing and mentorship is important. Our vision is a place where together we feel energised by our contribution in helping businesses that are doing good for the world. Our vision is a special place where we take care of each other and our clients. We call it kind PR.

Our Why

raraPR is a boutique PR, digital marketing and branding agency in Melbourne, Australia. We exist to cultivate businesses with likeminded folk so that we can help them make their mark on the world. We’re devoted to elevating brands and sharing stories for creative businesses. We consult and coach.

We Believe

We believe that everyone is now a media company and that PR is not a choice, but a defining investment into future-proofing your business. We believe a brand’s ability to grow is in direct relation to the quality of their copywriting, branding, design, website, social media marketing – this is all PR.

We’re advocates for working smarter and scaling options so that PR is an available resource to any business at any stage of their journey. 

Our Story

Back in 2011 raraPR was born from a simple idea to create a PR agency for the digital world. And to provide a service that seamlessly supports businesses with everything that affects the success of their PR. From their product, packaging, pricing, branding, design, copywriting to their social media, digital marketing, point-of-sale and retail or online space – every touch-point, the entire brand experience.

At the time very few, if any PR agencies were embracing social media as a core PR tool or digital marketing as a necessity. We wanted to defy the norm. And we wanted to make PR a possible option for small business and entrepreneurs with coaching, workshops and flexible options focused on a transparent approach, visible results, and immediate impact.

“The opportunity was not just to build the perfect company for myself but a community for each other. I couldn’t see what I wanted so I created it. It wasn’t a choice. But not doing it wasn’t an option. raraPR is the PR agency I was searching for but couldn’t find.” – raraPR Founder Jade Roberts.

Jade Roberts, Our Founder and Creative Director

Jade Roberts, founder and creative director of raraPR brings more than two decades of industry experience as well as passion and enthusiasm to all things business growth through PR, branding and digital.

A published writer for both national magazines and retail brands, Jade has extensive agency and in-house experience, having worked as a publicist in commercial television and as a consultant in consumer public relations and brand positioning. Jade was also national PR manager for a stable of High Street to high-end fashion footwear brands as well as the iconic Australian brand, Sportsgirl.

raraPR was born from an insatiable need to create a work place that is centred around mentorship and valued contribution at every level.  Jade is at the forefront of consumer and new-media trends and together with her team they share the belief that content generation is shaping the future of PR and that public relations is not one-dimensional.

Our Team

raraPR is a collective of people who are dedicated to helping clients reach the peak of their powers with thoughtful and sustainable PR strategies.

We thrive on collaborating with creative talent who consider the value that they bring and the impact of their business on the world.

We’re not just public relations consultants; we are branding, digital and social media strategists.

raraPR is a progressive team of communicators who work with legendary clients to deliver meaningful, conscious and ethical public relations to help our clients reach the community that needs them most. We are the creators of content and the builders of brands.

Our Approach

We have a very simple approach. Deliver work that’s clever, innovative, creative and meaningful.


Fancy postcode
Posh desks
Big Boardrooms
Red tape
Access to top talent
One dimensional

About raraPR

raraPR is an Australian public relations, digital marketing and branding agency. We are PR mentors, brand boosters and community creators for business owners, industry leaders and entrepreneurs. What we do goes far beyond the typical PR agency.

Our Ethos
We’re a passionate team who thrive on creating content that works. Or in other words, tasteful brand assets that build equity for a business.
We’re driven by the purpose, the meaning and the stories behind why a business exists as much as the quality of the product or service.
We’re inspired by being around the start-up community, entrepreneurs, intrepreneurs, solopreneurs, creators, makers, thought-leaders, dreamers and seekers willing to go beyond the good for the truly great.
The desire to help people take their business to the next level and reach their potential drives everything we do.
We get excited about producing innovative and thoughtful PR, digital, social media and design outcomes.
We’re at our natural best when we’re connecting talent and bringing communities together inside and outside the company.
We collaborate and become a seamless extension of our clients’ team.
We see, listen, mentor, educate, inspire, support, direct, provide clarity and instil confidence within our team andour community.
We care about providing value, which is the fundamental centrepiece of what we do.
We’re all about honesty and integrity, authenticity and transparency. That’s how we roll.