PR Programs.

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Let’s be honest, not every one can afford to pay for awesome PR or for an organisation to manage their public relations, marketing and social media on going. We understand the limitations that small businesses have (lack of staff resourcing, limited cash flow to employ external experts and/or limited marketing and brand-building knowledge within an existing team).

Good news however, raraPR’s training, courses and mentoring programs are here to arm you with some life-long skills that will help you get more impact from the time you currently dedicate to marketing your business and up-skill and support you and your team with cutting edge techniques that will help you generate new business.

PR like a Pro for Small Business - Full Day

This course has been created to help people and companies make big changes that drive momentum, generate buzz, build loyal fans and drive sales.

This training course helps get you up to speed with business level public relations, social media, content marketing and search optimisation techniques, which you and your team can immediately rollout and benefit from long-term.



PR like a Pro for Small Business - Half Day

This course gives you behind-the-scenes access to decades worth of PR knowledge.

In one action packed nutcracker of a training session, PR Like a Pro for Small Business Training Course will fast-track your marketing skills and deliver on big bang for your buck.